About Us


Working with a group of CeFaM graduates in the summer of 2007 who were focused on qualifying for the licensure set forth in R.A. 9258 (The Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004), Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico became the prime mover in awakening them to the need for a professional organization that would be on par with other counselling organizations in the Philippines and creating the opportunity to be allied with counterpart international organizations. An introduction to IPCAP (Integrated Professional Counselors of the Philippines) further strengthened this move in the person of IPCAP President, Dr. Rose Llanes. Thus FPCAP was officially SEC-registered on March 12, 2008.

But there is a need to situate this story in a broader historical context. When R.A. 9258 was finally passed on March 26, 2004, it was after a long gestational period that involved two generations of advocates working hard towards its passage in Congress. After five years the ripple effect of its passage is still being felt. Many were destabilized by the continuing ripples and they have their own story to tell. When the denial of its impact and its importance were no longer an option for us, we rode on the tide induced by the ripples and wrote our own history.

Once we made a personal and collective decision and more importantly, a commitment, the seed for FPCAP was decidedly planted. Nurturing its growth became a focus and goal. Our commitment was not just to put up an association, it was a commitment to an ideal, a way of living and working, a way of being that would always bear witness to values that we hold sacred, values that regard service to one another as basic to being truly human. Everyone worked hard and contributed what was necessary to bring our project to fruition.

Today, the work continues; the commitment further than ever and the desire to grow in depth and breadth as important as growing numbers.

Founding Members

  • Aurea Abdon
  • Elizabeth Alunan
  • Agrifina Arcilla
  • Renato Arcilla
  • Jessieliene Chang
  • Armi Corpuz
  • Percival Cruz
  • Fr. Bernardo Collera, SVD
  • Josefina Graña Damgo +
  • Alegria Dee +
  • Ma. Luisa Delgado
  • Anicia Mata
  • Virgilio Panlasigui
  • Alda Perlita Polestico
  • Emilie Punzalan
  • Charissa Raneses
  • Margot Ripoll
  • Maureen Sandejas
  • Myrna Serranilla
  • Ma. Fe Trinidad
  • Teresita Viduya