Family and Pastoral Counselling Association of the Philippines

Welcome to the Family and Pastoral Counselling Association of the Philippines!

FPCAP was established on March 12, 2008, registered under the Security and Exchange Commission (CR# CN200803931; TIN 006-0990-048). It is an association of both family and pastoral counsellors including counsellor educators/workers whose interest and concern is the welfare and development of professional practitioners in the helping services.

As FPCAP we hope to make reality Saint John Paul II's quest for strong Christian couples and families and their greater participation in the Church as enthusiastic and Spirit-filled lay people (Familiaris Consortio and Ecclesia) in Asia. In the same manner, through our counselling ministry, we zealously respond to Pope Francis' challenge of serving, protecting and strengthening families as the Holy Father gives emphasis that the family is the greatest treasure of any country in a message delivered to Filipino families (Mall of Asia, January 16, 2015).


We, as Family and Pastoral Counsellors integrating psychotherapy and spirituality, work to empower a Filipino society where families in right relationship among their members, with other families, and God, are highly functional and are effectively contributing to the growth and development of our nation.


  • To uphold a high ethical and professional standard in the practice of family and pastoral counselling.

  • To empower families to live by the values of faith, integrity, compassion, service-orientation.

  • To be a driving force for the continuing professional development of family and pastoral counsellors.

  • To enrich the unique faith perspective in pastoral counselling in its distinctive role as a listening and companioning ministry.

FPCAP has the following objectives:

  • To improve the standards of the family and pastoral counselling work in the Philippine society;

  • To promote and stimulate the exchange of professional experience at local, regional, national as well as international meetings;

  • To conduct, support and promote research and other professional activities that will contribute to the improvement of family and pastoral counselling practice and education;

  • To disseminate pertinent and valuable professional information and research studies through publications; and lastly,

  • To bring together and unite in action all family and pastoral counsellors for a better understanding and acceptance of the principles, practices and professional standards of family and pastoral counselling.

Community Service


  • Enrichment Seminars

  • Counselling Cafe

  • Agape on Wheels Program

  • Learning Hub

  • Consultancy

  • Workshops

  • Counselling (by appointment)

  • Internship Program

List of FPCAP-certified Mental Health Initial Responders